Google Gives Up on Nexus One problems have you been affected?

For some many months now a substantial number of Google Nexus One owners have been complaining in Google’s support forums over the performance or lack of it on T Mobile’s 3G network.

We have reported previously on this story here in case you missed it and want to refresh your memory. Apparently Google are now “over it” and have told their customers to simply move on… quite literally!

They attempted to issue some software fixes and have also blamed T Mobile and now Google have gone to the forums in order to respond to their customers. Ry Guy a Google employee has said the company have now halted all engineering attempts at fixing issues in relation to 3GG reception on the Nexus One.

He also added this very useful (sorry my tongue is in my cheek) tip. If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location (what move house?) or even the orientation of your phone (climb on to your roof?) as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.

Let us know at if your have or are experiencing 3G issues with your Nexus One, have you found your own solutions? don’t you agree that both T Mobile and Google need to fix the bug?

Source – znet.com


3 thoughts on “Google Gives Up on Nexus One problems have you been affected?”

  1. Jazzer says:

    I have that issue… just bought Nexus One and already experiencing dropping 3G often and switching to E (edge) or even G (GPRS) sometimes. Sucks! I think it's more on T-Mobile side then phone side.. Although there could be software/hardware bugs. who knows… JAz

  2. David says:

    I had a Nexus One for about 2 months. Well, had 3G problems, touch screen would sometimes be non-responsive, sound was way too low and it heats up like crazy. I so much wanted to like this phone but finally had to give it up and go back to the iphone.

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