Nokia Q1 2010 financial results: Ups and Downs

With most financial results you expect to see some slipping and sliding and pretty much that is what has come out of Nokia’s financial results which have just came out in an article over on intomobile.com

We’ll start with the serous stuff ands finish with some light hearted figures for you. The company had 9.5 billion EUR of revenue which is up 3% when compared to last year but sadly down 21% when compared to Q4 2009.

There were an amazing 107.8 million Nokia mobile phones sold which is an increase of 16% on last year but sadly again down 15% when compared to last quarter. Of those phones sold 21.5 million of them were Smartphones which is increase by 57% compared to last year and also up 3% compared to last quarter.

Some 10 million of you out there have downloaded the new version of Ovi Maps which offers free navigation. Nokia are expecting that unit volumes for 2010 will be up by 10% compared to 2009 and the have reduced their target margins for the Devices and Services units it was between 12% -14% now it between 11% -13%

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