iPhone 4G Revealed: What’s the big deal?

By now everyone and their aunt probably knows that an Apple engineer stupidly lost a camouflaged next generation iPhone prototype and that the guys over at Gizmodo forked over $5000 to get their hands on the device and then went on to splash everything possible out to the surfing public.

The results of which has had the internet alive with bloggers, tech site, news sites, TV and others all reporting every conceivable aspect of the Gizmodo reveal and has been a major newsworthy revelation. There’s even been a video of how Apple disguised the damn thing, which obviously didn’t work as well as expected once Gizmodo got hold of it,

But let’s be honest here, it’s Just a Phone! Albeit an iPhone and one that is rumoured to be surfacing at the traditional time Apple unveil such devices. But when it boils down to it, what is the big deal?

Sooner or later everything is going to come out about the next generation iPhone anyway, whether its beforehand or after doesn’t really make that much difference does it? It’s not like anyone’s life is suddenly going to end if we don’t find out about what the new iPhone 4G, iPhone HD, iPhone 2010, iPhone 3GS2 or whatever it is being called these days, is it.

Come to that matter we don’t even know what it will be called once it is finally revealed, although thanks to Gizmodo that may well be the only thing we no longer know.

So in the interest in finding out I put it to our readers, what’s the big deal? Let me know why it’s so important that we find out about what the new iPhone will be like before Apple is good and ready, let me know by voicing your opinions in the comments area below.


One thought on “iPhone 4G Revealed: What’s the big deal?”

  1. Mike says:

    not that big a deal. I'm disappointed that the stupid thing still has a small screen. The top and bottom black bars take up so much real estate. They could add almost an inch to the screen.

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