iPhone, Droid and Rivals: Can RIM BlackBerry compete still?

According to an article over on Reuters, numerous analysts are saying that rival smartphones such as the Motorola Droid and the iconic iPhone along with others could keep snatching market share from BlackBerry until such times as Research In Motion can deliver an improved OS and browser.

Research In Motion’s annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium which is held in Orland Florida, and runs 27 April — 29th April is expected to pull in thousands of analysts, developers, partners and BlackBerry customers, and many are wondering if Research In Motion is close to uncovering new phones which will feature “a compelling high end user experience.”

Apparently analysts say that RIM could sweeten their smartphones with the addition of multitouch along with other easy to use, intuitive features which have defines the iPhone. According to Matthew Thornton, an analyst for Avian Securities, if RIM can deliver, he said, “I think that will put a lot of the naysayers’ concern to rest.”

Thornton went on to say that the expectation is that RIM Blackberry can’t compete at the high end and thus have been increasingly pushing down price scale to the lower end.

However, Research In Motion says they are still a contender in the consumer market, but apparently analyst want to hear the details on how RIM plans to win the fight.

Also RIM may use the trade show to launch the high end BlackBerry Bold 9650 and low end BlackBerry 3G Pearl while speculation is that RIM will unveil the clamshell BlackBerry 9670 which may sport the latest BlackBerry operating system which we previously reported on.

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