iPhone Will Not Gain Free Google Maps Navigation

If you are an iPhone user with hopes of one day playing along with the free Google Maps turn by turn navigation you are just about to have your hopes and dream dashed and trodden on as according to an article over on the boy genius report you’re not getting it, contrary to our recent report that the iPhone will, you can check that out (here)

Apparently according to information gained from an article over on pcworld, Google has gone on record as stating they will NOT be bringing Google Maps Navigation to the iPhone despite a rumour that a Google product manager had said the free turn by run application would become available in the App Store in future.

So there it is, no free Maps navigation for iPhone users; however, apparently Google did confirm that the application will be ported to other mobile platforms so that’s an upside.

Have to say at this point that I have an old T-Mobile G1 which has just gained Google Maps Navigation over here in the UK we reported on it (here) and it works just fine, best thing though is for once my old smartphone is “one up” over the iPhone, how sweet is that?

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