Will Verizon want Google Nexus One with no 3G fix?

It is not good news for Google Nexus One owners, the reason we say this is because Google cannot offer any fix to the bad 3G-reception it is encountering according to Engadget.

There have been assumptions that the problem lies with T-Mobile and its very poor 3G coverage and of course a few bugs in its software, we would love to know from any other T-Mobile handset user who uses 3G if this is the case, do you have any problems with 3G connections?

An OTA (Over The Air) update will not fix this issue, apparently it is not the hardware or software within the Google Nexus One itself.

Now you got to ask yourself this simple question “Will Verizon get the Google Nexus One?” come on why would they want a mobile smartphone that has problems with 3G-connection, oh hello HTC Incredible bet you will do well now.

Please vote below, we would love to know what you think. Will there be a Verizon Nexus One now?

Source – product-reviews.net

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2 thoughts on “Will Verizon want Google Nexus One with no 3G fix?”

  1. Donovan2828 says:

    You forgot an option on your quiz. I will check this box: "Yes, of course, and they will release it this Spring, just like it says on the Google home page and there are two months left in Spring so they are not late yet."

  2. As a T-Mobile user in a 3G area using the Nexus One phone, I'm not getting any problems with it. Once I move in to areas I know are out of or just on the line of 3G I usually get Edge coverage. I personally don't think it's the phone, but T-Mobiles spotty 3G Coverage. I love T-Mobile, but to be honest their 3G coverage is no where near as extensive as Verizon or ATT's. I think this is Google's way of saying "We can't fix it, because it's not our hardware/software." without bashing T-Mobile.

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