Can Mobile Phones Kill: Launched Study Investigates

The mobile phone has become a worldwide piece of technology that most simply can’t do without in their everyday lives, and with the use of so many mobile phones around the globe so comes the concerns over health.

According to an article over on daily finance, the Imperial Collage London has now launched the biggest study so far into mobile phone usage and health to determine and answer the big question, can mobile phones kill?

Of course we’ve all heard about how a mobile phone emits radiation, there have been numerous studies in the past with an estimates $100 million spent on research into possible health risks associated with mobile phones and thus far most studies haven’t found a conclusive link between mobile phone usage and tumours.

So to find out if there is a link between mobile phone use and cancer, this new study, which is known as Cosmos, will follow the health of a minimum of 250,000 phone users aged between 18 and 69 across 5 European countries and run for 20 to 30 years, and who knows, by that time they may come up with some answers.

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