Carphone Warehouse Jawbone Headsets Details and Prices

If you are in the market for a Bluetooth headset the Carephone Warehouse has some great offerings with the Jawbone range of Bluetooth headsets, the Jawbone Prime Icon and Jawbone Earcandy.

The Jawbone Prime Icon delivers NoiseAssassin 2.5 tech with built in wind resistance, while the Jawbone Earcandy delivers NoiseAssassin 2.0 and the Carphone Warehouse offer several colour variations of the Jawbone Prime Icon and Jawbone Earcandy along with several great prices.

The Jawbone Prime Icon collection is the smallest and most powerful Jawbone headset and Carphone Warehouse has the Hero in black, the Ace in black, the Thinker in silver, the Thinker in black, the Bombshell in gold, the Catch in white, and the Rogue in red, all commanding a price tag of just £69.99 each.

The Jawbone Earcandy collection for the fashion conscious comes in 6 shades to suit your style; Blah Blah Black, Going Platinum, Frankly Scarlet, Lilac you mean it, Drop me a lime, and ‘Yello’, and all command a price tag of £89.99 each.

So whatever you are looking for in a Bluetooth headset the Jawbone collections at Carphone Warehouse can deliver what you require in terms of design colours and cost; for their full range and further information visit the Carphone Warehouse.


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  1. Angela Ward says:

    On purchasing one of these products we have found there is a continuing problem with the ear loop and also from other reviews we have read. My husband has purchased one of these and on contacting the provider who supplied the product was told they could not replace the ear loop, even though it had only been purchased less than 2 weeks. The attitude when contacting their customer service department was very unprofessional. In other words after previously taking it back to be inspected he was told to take it back again, then informed the earloop is not under the warranty. So if you decide to purchase one of these, then beware you may have the same problem.

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