Mobile Phone Has Future Embedded Under Skin Says Cell Phone Inventor

Ever wondered what the future holds for the mobile phone? Whether it will become smaller and much more portable? Well apparently the inventor of the mobile phone, Marty Cooper has predicted mobile phones will sit under the skin behind your ear.

Marty Cooper’s claim to fame is that way back in 1973 he invented the first mobile phone, what we all commonly refer to these days as the Brick Phone, and did so with Motorola according to the article over on gizmodo who gained their info from none other than the good old BBC.

Apparently though Cooper is put off by the size of today’s smartphones and says that the handset instruction manual is often larger and heavier than the phone itself, got to give it to him there, he’s right.

Cooper’s actual prediction goes like this “The cellphone in the long range is going to be embedded under your skin behind your ear along with a powerful computer who is in effect your slave.”

Now I wonder if Motorola will be the first with the embedded mobile phone, or whether the iPhone 5G/6G/7G will be the new ear-embedded device, one thing is for sure, if it’s embedded behind the ear, no Apple tech will lost it.

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