Palm developer day reveals new webOS features

Usually when Palm is mentioned at the moment it is about either a takeover or some kind of shuffle within the company. But not this time you’ll be pleased to hear as reported in an article from the folks over at engadget.com via precentral.net

Rather refreshingly Palm managed to take the focus off of the current goings on within the company and instead focus on a much more pleasant topic of the new webOS features.

These were revealed during the Developer Day conference in Sunnyvale at the weekend. Okay there wasn’t anything ground shaking to speak of however, developers will be getting their mitts on some often requested features which include API access to the microphone and camera.

It is also reported that there will be some support added for asynchronous background services written in JavaScript which should allow data insensitive applications to be a little more on the responsive side. Palm are being rather tight lipped on when we will actually see this but it is expected to be with users by Fall.

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