Windows Phone 7 OS improvements and limitations

Microsoft’s next generation operating system Windows Phone 7 is apparently heading this way with a nice range of improvements and some limitations according to a recent article.

There are along with the improvements however, a series of limitations that have been implemented on the side of applications. Some of the limitations will restrict or affect the customisations that mobile phone makers and carriers can make to the upcoming handsets.

One of these is that users don’t always welcome software solutions OEMs or MOs preloaded on to their handsets. A fair number of these particular applications are either not used at all or very rarely, but they are stuck with you as they cannot be removed from the Smartphone.

These in turn will make the performance of your device a little slower. Owners of handsets which are powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 or older may have face those issues in the past, however those who purchase Windows Phone 7 devices shouldn’t have that problem.

There have been a range of limitations regarding various aspects of the upcoming operating system. Some of which are intended to reduce the number of applications put on the handsets by OEM/MO. The recently leaked architecture which we reported on here did reveal some details on the matter. But there are other things that should be known. Which if you want to know more then visit softpedia.com for more information.

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