HTC Sued Over Visual Voicemail Patent

It would appear that Klausner Technologies is getting heavy over Visual Voicemail yet again as according to an article over on intomobile by way of tech crunch, the latest target of Klausner Technologies legal guns is smartphone maker HTC.

This new lawsuit comes when HTC is already facing lawsuits over allegedly infringing on in excess of 20 Apple patents, although HTC isn’t the first to be sued by Klausner Technologies over Visual Voicemail patent infringement.

Klausner Technologies in the past has filed Visual Voicemail patent infringement lawsuits with several top names in the mobile world including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Google, Apple and LG, and all were settled by way of licensing agreements.

Word has it that Klausner is suing HTC over the use of Visual Voicemail in the T-Mobile myTouch 3G smartphone, which no doubt will probably pan out as previous Klausner lawsuits, with them and HTC coming to a licensing agreement.

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