Apple WWDC 2010: Will iPhone 4G See Launch?

As we reported earlier Apple will be opening up their Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 as of June the 7th at Moscone West in San Francisco, you can read that report (here)

Now the guys over at the Times Online speculate that WWDC 2010 would probably a good event and time for Apple to come clean on the new next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G, especially now that Gizmodo done the dirty and outed it already.

As most if not everyone in the mobile arena has at some point read the iPhone 4G Gizmodo scandal, there can’t be that much more that Apple hopes to keep secret about the device, or perhaps they will just make us wait and speculate.

What do you think readers, should Apple just get it over with and launch the iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010 now that Gizmodo has let the world know the low down on the device? Feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Apple WWDC 2010: Will iPhone 4G See Launch?”

  1. jdubb0113 says:

    i think they should just go ahead and come out with it!!! they are gonna make a ton of money either way on it, they should just do it! I know im getting one” lol”

  2. pd9 says:

    oh they should just bring it out.. nd soon..! (nd like the other guy said.. enuf of it to meet the demands..)
    i want it.. i want it.. i want it..!!!! can't wait 😀 !!

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