Can BlackBerry 6.0 compete with iPhone OS 4.0?

WES 2010 revealed the new BlackBerry 6.0 OS today and must say it looks promising, well we say 6.0 but it is fact simply known as BlackBerry 6 just like iPhone OS 4.0 is plain old iPhone 4.

So both RIM and Apple decided of single digits and both of them are even numbers, but are they even when it comes to competing against each other. We have already mentioned about the BlackBerry OS 6 and its release date and features and we have also given you a preview video as well.

BlackBerry 6 is what they call touchscreen friendly with features such as multitouch support (Just like iPhone 4.0), improved feedback with kinetic scrolling, and that this new operating system will work on normal handsets that do not have touchscreen.

The UI and Homescreen has been revamped to give you a much better experience with the homescreen and pull down for notifications, as well as pop-up contextual menus. Native Apps have been revamped where contacts, inbox and media apps are all getting updates.

The WebKit Browser will speed up the web browsing experience and even tabbed browsing has been added, all look very good for the new BlackBerry 6.

Looks like RIM is making a stance to compete against Apple’s market, messaging on BlackBerry seems to be favoured at the moment, well that is until Apple bring Mobile iChat video that is. Apple has already revealed nearly all of its features in OS 4.0 and we know BlackBerry 6 has a few hidden secrets no one knows about yet.

Just a recap, iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2 has now been released; please let us know what your thoughts are on the above.

Source — CrackBerry via TiPB


One thought on “Can BlackBerry 6.0 compete with iPhone OS 4.0?”

  1. Rgar3388 says:

    This is false information. Nearly all of the features of 4.0 have not be revealed yet. Apple has never done that. It was a sneak peak event. Get your facts right!

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