Could iPhone 4G Gizmodo Scandal hold up Next Gen Launch?

By now everyone who is into smartphones and their news will know that Gizmodo did the dirty on Apple and revealed all they could on the next generation iPhone, which we have come to tag the iPhone 4G Gizmodo Scandal.

Now we are also aware that Apple spoke to the cops and apparently reported the lost iPhone 4G as stolen which has led to an investigation and the removal of computer equipment from Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home.

We also know that Gizmodo’s parent company have objected to the search and snatch tactic and are currently defending their stance that the warrant was invalid under Californian laws. So the upshot is that this whole story could well run on for a whole lot longer.

Now here’s a thing, if it is found that said iPhone 4G was indeed stolen and that there is enough evidence to prosecute Gizmodo for receiving stolen property, I would have thought that the iPhone 4G in question would become a valuable piece of evidence in the case.

Therefore if Apple goes ahead and launches the iPhone 4G before the investigation and possible court case is over they would I would have thought be negating the evidence in a round about way. So this investigation could possible lead to a hold up on launching the iPhone 4G.

Like I have said before, I’m not all that up on US law so could be wrong, but what do you think could it be possible that this iPhone 4G investigation may stop the next generation iPhone from being launched?

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