HTC Droid Incredible Accessories Available

The HTC Droid Incredible will be available in a few hours on the Verizon Wireless website so we thought you might want to buy your accessories for your brand new device.

Thanks to product-reviews and Device Magazine they have shed some light on the accessories available for the HTC Incredible, this smartphone is one of the most talked about in the Android range (well other than the Nexus One that is).

DayDeal has some cool accessories such as covers, cases, car chargers, travel chargers, Bluetooth hands-free headsets, faceplates and Shield Protectors and so much more.

We love the HTC DROID Incredible Otterbox Case 2000 in black, it looks stunning and will protect your Incredible no end. We will let you know about each HTC Droid accessory within time.

Please do let us know if you have pre-ordered your HTC Incredible, there are so many accessories to buy for this smartphone, which is amazing really considering the handset is not even out yet.


3 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible Accessories Available”

  1. Ann says:


    Agreed, these are all universal accessories. It makes you wonder if Phone Reviews is getting a cut of their profits by mentioning them in this article.

  2. Hi Derek

    No, we do not get any profits at all.

    We know these are not the official accessories for the HTC Droid Incredible, all we wanted to do was show you a site that does accessories for the device.

    Of Course we will be letting all readers know about the official products for this handset as soon as they are released.



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