Microsoft announces HTC signed agreement to license MS patented technology

We reported earlier today in the article HTC vs. Microsoft and its Android OS patent infringement which you can view here, but since that article was posted another was written by softpedia.com which clearly shows that the two companies are strengthening their collaboration by the signing of an agreement.

The agreement will enable HTC to license Microsoft’s patented technology. The deal shows further strength between both of the companies. As now this means that the handset vendor is able to license patented technology from of how leaders in the industry can achieve commercial arrangements.

There are no specifics on the agreement in relation to the finances, however it does seem that under the terms and conditions of the said deal HTC are to be paying Microsoft an undisclosed sum for the intellectual property rights.

The two companies have been partners for a while now, and the Taiwan based mobile phone maker HTC being the largest provider of Smartphones which are powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system of course the plan is to keep the leadership going strong. As we shall see before the end of 2010 the Windows Phone 7 OS handsets launched.

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