Nexus One running Firefox for Android 2.0 Video Demo

There is now a pre-alpha version of Firefox mobile known as Fennec, available for the Android 2.0 operating system and we have a video demonstration for your viewing pleasure of Fennec running on Android 2.0 which can be viewed below.

The video demonstration is of the Firefox mobile browser being demonstrated on a Google Nexus One superphone and lasts just over the two minute mark and come courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile.

Unfortunately the reviewer didn’t add any commentary to the demonstration so all it is basically is a visual of Firefox working on the Nexus One, so not a great deal more to be said.

So with that said I’ll let you head on down to the video hit the play button and see what you think, then after you can drop us a comment on your impressions if you feel so inclined…enjoy.

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