Nokia N8: First HD 720p Video Sample

Want to know what HD 720p video looks like on the new upcoming Nokia N8? Good because that’s just what we have for your viewing entertainment today, a Nokia N8 HD 720p video sample which comes curtsey of the guys over at daily mobile.

The short one minutes Nokia N8 HD 720p video sample which can be viewed below only lasts one minute and shows amazing footage of a rooftop dancer which apparently hasn’t been tweaked or enhanced in any way, and was apparently captured on a Nokia N8 not running the final software.

Looks pretty good to me, and not running the final software too, so once the software is final we can expect even better results, although Eldar Murtazin’s review slammed the N8 and Nokia recent rebuffed his review as we reported (here)

Still, a video is a video, so I’ll keep quite now and let you head on down to the video sample to make up your own mind on the Nokia N8 HD video capabilities…enjoy.

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