Nokia N8 Murtazin Harsh Review: Nokia Not Pleased

It appears that Nokia is not too pleased with the early harsh review of their Nokia N8 smartphone and its Symbian^3 OS that Eldar Murtazin gave the other day, which you can remind yourself of by going (here).

According to a report over on engadget, a new blog post over at Nokia Conversations reveals that Nokia says Murtazin’s “salacious headlines” covered up that he had hold of a very early pre-production prototype Nokia N8 which also carried dated software which is not ready.

Nokia also says that they only ship products which are “refined, tested, re-tested, evaluated, tested again and then shipped when satisfied.”

Of course Eldar Murtazin responds with that the Nokia N8 he examined had the latest software and hardware, so currently it’s all a bit of tit for tat; however Nokia simply can’t deny that they have in the past shipped some not really ready smartphones for example the Nokia N900 along with Maemo5. Still no doubt once the Nokia N8 gets into other reviewers hands we’ll find out whether Nokia or Murtazin is correct.


3 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Murtazin Harsh Review: Nokia Not Pleased”

  1. mpierce says:

    One only has to look at the fiasco which surrounded the Nokia N97 which as a techie and early adopter I brought. I wrote Nokia to say, you've lost me forever; no more resting on the laurels of the N95 8Gb.

  2. Dill Len says:

    Nokia needs to face the music (no pun intended). I have been a strong user of the Nokia 9000 series dating back over a decade and a half ago and I had owned all of their units. At the present, I have owned the N97, N97 Mini and the N900 that were released last late fall and early winter of 2009, all three models don't live up to the older units which were very reliable and sturdy in the operations and usage. The E90 is a great machine…. It has been some eight to nine months since the release of the three latest models and they are still being upgraded with many software and firmware. But, no matter, they are STILL NOT are up to par. Hey, a female can give birth in nine months to give a new life! Bottom line? No more Nokia products for me…. I don't expect to spend my money as to buy their products and to be their "beta tester."

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