Nokia S60 devices have updated Point & Find

Good news just reported for those of you out there that have a Nokia S60 as the Nokia Point and Find reality browser on the S60 has been updated according to a recent article over at softpedia.com

The solution offers you the possibility to discover useful and relevant information and services just simply by pointing the camera on your Nokia handset at the object around you.

The application can also be used for you to get information on movies just by pointing the camera at a poster, view reviews and even get theatre tickets. The Point and Find from Nokia emerged around three months ago and its user created city guide offers great experiences with a series of enhancements bought in with the new release.

The updated Nokia Point and Find will enable users to actually tag buildings and places of interest in their neighbourhood so as to pin point where something has happened. Some features included in the solution are homes24, in the UK which is a house hunting service which allows those interested in finding a home to receive property information just by pointing their phone at participating properties.

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