Adobe Flash According to Apple Guru Steve Jobs

There is no secret about Steve Jobs not wanting Adobe Flash anywhere his baby the iPhone or his precious iPad, and treats Flash as some kind of mobile space disease which would infect and totally destroy all that is lovely with Apple products, well sort of.

However apparently Jobs may think we have taken him the wrong way over his war with Adobe Flash and has according to an article over on Apple’s pet hate target at the moment, Gizmodo, penned a 1500 word open letter giving his thoughts on Adobe Flash.

I started to read it but it does drone on a tad, and I much prefer Gizmodo’s shorter overall rendition in which they sum up Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Adobe Flash as “Flash sucks unwashed balls.”

Blunt and to the point yes, but as everyone knows where Steve Jobs stands with Flash there isn’t much point in writing the letter in the first place especially if you aren’t going to bring something new to the game such as an Apple turn-a-round on Flash. Still if you wish to view what Mr. Jobs has penned you can do so by going (here)

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