Apple Ads aka iAd in Mobile Apps to cost $1 million

The latest news surrounding Apple other than WWDC 2010 is all about Ads aka iAds, apparently and according to Wall Street Journal Apple may charge approx $1 million for displaying advertisements in mobile apps/devices.

The iPhone and iPad platform is the ideal place for mobile advertisement and the new mobile ads named iAd, this is a growing market and can see some amazing things happen, it will put smiles on developers because it will give them new revenue stream.

Developers as part of the revenue sharing scheme will receive 60 percent of the revenue giving Apple 40 percent, not bad business is it. Reuters has even reported that Apple could even charge as much as $10 million to be part of a handful of marketers at the launch.

We know that Google sells mobile advertising on its smartphones, and with AdMob things are good, but can Apple come out on top in the way of mobile advertising.

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