HTC Droid Incredible Reviews, Consumer Opinions

We mentioned earlier today that the HTC Droid Incredible is now officially available and we have also said about its accessories even though they are not official ones.

Many of you no doubt pre-ordered your smartphone and of course now being officially on the Verizon Wireless website are buying right now and we in time will see sales go through the roof.

Well we are calling out to all those that have pre-ordered and those that are buying now and would love for you to let us know when you receive your HTC Droid Incredible.

As soon as yours arrives please do come back to us and let us know what is in the box, first impressions and overall opinions, we cannot wait for those consumer reviews to come in.

So please be the first to give us your HTC Droid Incredible reviews and opinions, bookmark us, join our newsletter and of course join us on Twitter as well. Thanks


One thought on “HTC Droid Incredible Reviews, Consumer Opinions”

  1. randy says:

    very cool phone, in the box was the phone ,wall charger/data cable (dont work with Mac's) and a bonus 2 gig micro sd card. Downside is it seems its on the charger more than not. have to charge it 2 times a day so invest in a car charger. the OS is very fast 100% faster than my blackberry. Lcd screen is very vivid and gotta love the 8megapixel camera. Touch screen works great although when you first use it youll find it to be a bit touchy till you get used to it. Hope they come out with a extended use battery though

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