Palm WebOS Rolls Out to Verizon Users

Palm may well be being taken over by HP, as reported (here) but for the time being Plam still seems to be in control of webOS updates as the guys over at engadget are reporting that webOS is now available to Big Red customers as posted by precentral.

Apparently the changelog to webOS shows that pinch and zoom functionality now works correctly in PDF and Doc views, while forwarding videos uploaded to YouTube on your friends via email has now also been made to work correctly.

Also the lag in the camera shutter has been fixed, and the problem with the keyboard where a single key press would pop up a letter twice has also been sorted; however the changelog doesn’t show any new applications being added.

And that’s about all there is on webOS for Verizon Palm Plus devices, whether HP will have more control over future webOS updates or if Palm will retain full control remains to be seen

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