AT&T network problems not down to iPhone

It is claimed by AT&T that they have the fastest 3G network in the country, but as we are aware the company has experienced a number of complaints about their connection problems.

A recent study from ABI Research suggests that the recent problems that have been directed towards the iPhone may not be the reason. It has been said that the Apple iPhone is to blame because of the data commands of its users.

The study carried out by ABI Research reveals that that claim doesn’t hold up and it has found that both Verizon and Sprint carried more than 16 billion more megabytes of mobile network data than AT&T did in 2009.

This is mainly due to Verizon and Sprint having more customers who use their laptops over their wireless networks than AT&T has, according to a report from Network World. Dan Shey ABI Practice Director has said that while the high end Smartphones such as the iPhone do consume a lot more data than typical phones they still consume only one tenth of data than that of a typical laptop.

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  1. AT&T has a crappy network. My dad has had an AT&T Sony Ericsson phone for 4 years and every time I talk to him, even when I am on a landline phone on my end, his calls are always getting broken up or cut off. I had an issue with driving my friend's sister around in the mountains of Colorado (practically in the middle of nowhere), she was pregnant, about 1 week from her due date, her water broke, and her IPhone couldn't get service so I could call 911. My Verizon Motorola Razr prepaid went through to 911 without any problems. If I didn't have my phone on me for the 911 operator to talk me through birthing babies on the built in speakerphone, we would have been in trouble.

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