iPhone 4G Prototype Saga: Brian J. Hogan Received $5,000

The plot thickens around the whole saga in relation to the sale of the iPhone prototype to tech blog Gizmodo which has been covered over the last few days. We have covered the story here ourselves and now have an update for you from a report over at pcworld.com via wired.com

According to recent reports from Wired and Cnet, two of the major players involved in this interesting saga have actually now been identified. Wired have identified the finder of the iphone prototype apparently from using clues found on social networking sites and have confirmed his identity with someone that remains unnamed.

The finder of the device is 21 year old Brian J Hogan who received the sum of $5000 for handing the prototype over to Gizmodo. Hogan believed the payment was for allowing Gizmodo exclusive access to phone, and apparently according to Hogan’s lawyer Gizmodo told him there was nothing wrong in sharing the phone with the tech press.

It’s also been stated by Wired that some people visited Hogan’s home address claiming to be Apple representatives asking to search his premises. Hogan’s roommate refused them entry to the property. Hogan is said to be cooperating with authorities and has been interviewed by investigators.

District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe told Wired.com that the person who found the phone is “very definitely one of the people who is being looked at as a suspect in theft” having said that Wagstaffe declined when asked whether or not Hogan was the finder.

It has also been reported by Cnet that Hogan had a little help in finding a purchaser for the phone, apparently 27 year old Sage Robert Wallower was the go between for Hogan and the tech sites. A former Navy crypto logic technician previously had worked as a security officer at Securitas and has top secret clearance.

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