iPhone and iPad Icons being Trademarked by Apple

Looks like Apple wants to make sure no one else can use their icons, as word has it that Apple has filed to trademark their official application icons reports an article over on Apple’s current most favourite tech site of all time, Gizmodo.

According to the source article over on TUAW, none of the trademark motions are new app icons and cover the standard iPhone and iPad icon library including MobileMe Gallery icons and iDisk.

Apparently each Apple icon not only comes with a description but also colours which is apparently standard for a logo trademark, and all submitted icons are 955 x 955 pixels in size which is somewhat large considering iPhone icons are shown at 57 x 57 while iPad icons are show at 72 x 72.

So there it is, don’t go stealing any of Apple’s iPhone or iPad icons or you may find the cops crashing down your door and snatching your computer equipment just like some other case we are currently hearing about.

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