Steve Jobs counter attacks Adobe Flash

Steve Jobs has written a 29 paragraph open letter back on the 29th April in which he comments that Adobe Systems Flash Video software has major technical drawbacks, which will have an obvious impact on the rift between the two companies according to an article over at businessweek.com.

Jobs also said that the decision to ban Flash from Apple’s devices is a result of concern over the technology and not to keep from losing the business. The exclusion of Flash from both the iPad and also the iPhone reflects the way Apple intend on controlling the way the games and applications are created for their devices.

By Apple urging programmers to use other tools Apple are threatening the dominance of Flash in 75% of online video. An analyst at Pacific Crest Securities Chad Bartley has said that the conflict between Apple and Adobe is a very big deal, the Flash platform and ecosystem is obviously critical to Adobe and to the success of its creative tools business.

A senior partner at branding agency Method Dean Crutchfield who has done work for Microsoft and Autodesk has said that Apple‘s attack presents Adobe with an opportunity to explain itself in such a way that would have otherwise cost them millions of dollars.

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