iPhone Social Networking App Leads to Gay Man’s Murder

Now I’m not too sure that anyone can actually lay the blame at an iPhone Apps door for this one, but an article over on Gizmodo reports that the Phoenix New Times has a headline which states iPhone’s Gay Social Networking App Leads to Murder of Phoenix Man, Police Claim.

Which to me seems to be placing the cause murder directly at the iPhone application, which we all know is crap as an iPhone application cannot kill anyone, right?

Well here are the basics of the story, some local 19 year old guy uses the iPhone social networking app which apparently is used quite often by gay guys, to arrange a meet with an older guy, and later the older guy is found stabbed to death.

Dead guy’s roommate calls cops, and tells them the dead guy had a male date. The cops managed to track down a friend of the dead guy who informed them said dead guy used the iPhone social networking app to arrange a gay date.

Police then found out the user name of the gay date along with a rough description of the guy from a neighbour who had last seen him with the victim. Police then traced the suspect who had arranged the date via the iPhone app and matched the given description, and after making “certain admissions” along with other evidence, the suspect was charged with second-degree murder.

The article doesn’t make mention of the iPhone social networking applications name, but then again it wasn’t really the iPhone app that lead to the murder but rather lead to solving the crime wouldn’t you agree?

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