Nokia N8 Browser Demonstration Video

We have a demo video of the latest smartphone from the Nokia camp today showing a little action of the Nokia N8 web browser which can be viewed below courtesy for the guys over at daily mobile and lasts just over the one and a quarter minute mark.

Unfortunately the Nokia N8 web browser demo doesn’t come with any commentary but does give us a half-decent look at the browser including some pinch and zoom action.

Although the Nokia N8 was recently panned by Eldar Murtazin, it did receive a more positive review, but no doubt the proof of whether the Nokia N8 can cut it against rival smartphones is when it actually gets into the hands of the mobile public as they will undoubtedly make the final decision as to whether the Nokia N8 will be successful or not.

Anyway I shut it there and simply let you head on down to check out that Nokia N8 web browser ation for yourselves; feel free to drop us a comment on your thoughts…enjoy.

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