New iPhone 4G official verdict on leak

A recent article over at tech.blorge.com gives us information on the official verdict on the iPhone 4G leak, although not strictly official but about as near as it gets.

Jason Calacanis is the Chief Executive Officer of Mahalo and also a former A list blogger, now however he lets subscribers know his thoughts and opinions via a mailing list.

In a long email about the iPhone 4G leak Calacanis offers his own opinions and comments, he claims that Brian j Hogan is a criminal and also blames Gawker Media Chief Executive Officer Nick Denton for the actions of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen.

He also in the lengthy email has a dig at the police who have raided Chen’s property and even Steve Jobs. The final verdict from Calacanis in relation to the iPhone 4G leak is that everybody involved is either guilty or lame. Although we would probably all agree to some degree with his opinion it is hardly official is it.

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