New Windows Phone 7 ROM Now Unlocked Includes Office

It appears that the hackers are getting to grips with Windows Phone 7 quite quickly as according to an article over on Gizmodo, the latest version of Windows Phone 7 ROM has already been unlocked and apparently there’s some tasty goodness inside.

Word has if by way of engadget that Windows Phone 7 Rom features notification dialler interfaces, call history and Office which we were given a quick glimpse of last week and the new images comes via the refreshed Windows Phone Developer kit which has been updated for the final release of Visual Studio 2010.

Apparently there’s also a way of uninstalling applications, although everything is still a tad rough and a way from final, but the word is Microsoft has allotted the rest of the year to get things fully sorted.

So the word is there are quite a few changes here to what has been seen before so it may part to nip over to xda-developers who cracked Windows Phone 7 and check it out.

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