Nokia N8 Taken Apart in Pictures

The latest smartphone from the Nokia camp, the Symbian^3 sporting Nokia N8 who’s user manual has just gone online, has now gone through disassembly so we get to see what exactly the Nokia N8 is made of, and the disassembly has been done by the guys over at my nokia blog.

Of course the guys had to snap a few pictures of the process of laying out the new Nokia N8 smartphone in all its unobstructed beauty for us all to gawk at, although the process was probably a guilty pleasure for them.

They don’t have a great deal to say about the process or what they found inside but do say that a video may follow soon, but if you fancy spending a few minutes perusing the Nokia N8 guts images you can do so by hitting up their website.

The Nokia N8 and Symbian^3 has seen mixed reviews so far with mobile phone man in the know, Eldar Murtazin panning the smartphone but also gained a more positive review which you can read (here)

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