iPhone Controls Daleks; Dr Who Beware

Okay maybe the Doctor needn’t beware, but this one is for all you iPhone toting Dr Who fans out there who might want to control your own Dalek by utilising not your trusting old sonic screwdriver, but the next best thing in modern technology, your iPhone.

What we have here for your viewing pleasure today is a video of how to turn your Dalek into a remote control Dalek using your iPhone or iPod. The video demo comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile via the daily iphone blog, and basically shows you how to gut your Dalek toy moving with flashing lights.

A fairly pointless project but if you are a Doctor Who geek and want to play around with some tech to have your iPhone control your Dalek this will help you on your way.

The iPhone’s accelerometer is used to direct the Dalek, you can also move the turret round and have the lights flashing. So if you fancy some playtime with your Dalek hit up the video below to find out how…enjoy.

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