HTC Desire in Black at Orange UK yesterday out of stock today

Lets be honest we knew it want going to take that long, but this is quick. A recent report over at softpedia.com explains more on the availability of the HTC Desire.

The Black HTC Desire is already out of stock at Orange UK after being made available for purchase just yesterday on its airwaves. Today however, it is out of stock, so if your after a HTC Desire in Black it looks like you’ll have to be a bit more patient.

At present the Black version of the HTC Desire is only available from Orange UK in addition to the Brown version. Both versions are experiencing high demands on the market the brown version being sold out at most operators in the UK and now the Black out of stock the day after the launch.

Certainly a very hot Android device which is currently available on the market. It is however interesting that it keeps on running out of stock, even more strange is that the maker doesn’t appear to be making amendments to prevent this happening again.

The HTC Desire which we have covered previously here is available for purchase for free on a £35 monthly price for two years, there are obviously other options available which you can find from the carriers website.


7 thoughts on “HTC Desire in Black at Orange UK yesterday out of stock today”

  1. Gibbo says:

    Ordered my HTC Desire Black at 9.15am yesterday and received at 10.00am today. Guess I am a lucky one!

    I took the £22,50 per month contract over 24 months. Handset £99.

  2. Chriso says:

    You are lucky as I ordered mine on mon around 15:00 and after being promised delivery tomorrow have been called numerous times by Orange CS to tell me they are trying their best to get it to me by friday….worth the wait but for how long will just have to wait and see

  3. Roth says:

    Yep I had my name on one from tuesday, but they delayed it till wednesday, then they got a handfull that went out of stock. So was told by the advisor I am gettin it for free and getting one of the ones due in friday. Called up yestersday after no text and was informed the went out of stock again and that I had to pay for it and the guy tried toc hange my contract and sell me a Sony Xperia X10 which I was close tob ut it simply isnt as good as the HTC. I have a feeling its not the fault of orange but HTC them selves screwing people aroudn for the demand of the phone. Orange are just messing me about with the pricing.

  4. Anon says:

    Ordered one as an upgrade last Wenesday (5th May) and was told it would be delivered on Friday the 7th. No phone arrived on Friday so I called Orange 4 times to find out what gives, told 3 different stories culminating in being told my order hadn't been processed on the Wednesday – no reason given – and in the meantime they'd sold out so tough titty sunbeam.

    I keep calling them pretty much daily now for their latest batch of lies, to date I've been told that they had a few in on Saturday which all went, then I was told more came in on Monday and were currently being tested but should be available today (Wednesday 12 May), they told me today that nothing had come in on Monday after all but they're expecting a new shipment to come in until Friday. Total bullsh*t as far as I'm concerned.

    Orange customer service is a joke, they refuse to put me on back order. So I'm seriously considering my options.

  5. Goober says:

    been calling for about 3 weeks now, they keep telling me "sorry out of stock, will be available on monday" or "were currently testing them" I'm also seriously considering my options, i dont understand why they are out of stock when know it would be a popular phone and gcould make alot of money from them.

  6. TPT says:

    I think its because they're trying to sell people the Iphone, now they've finally got their hands on it. I for one do not wish to have a phone which I can only hold in certain ways!

  7. Tony H says:

    I have been waiting ages for my Desire on Orange, and like the above keep being told different things by all the customer service people I speak to. I have tried complaining and have got nowhere. I have been with orange 8 years now and have my home broadband and homephone with them to, but if they mess me about much longer I will cancel it all and go somewhere else. All I want is the truth not some *obvious* bullshit from some customer service person that just wants to gte you off the line…

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