HTC Droid Incredible vs. Google Nexus One: Camera Battle

New smartphone hits the shelves; new smartphone has to be compared with similar smartphone to determine which is better, usually the iconic iPhone, isn’t that the usual way it goes? Thus is the case with the new HTC Droid Incredible, no doubt as it has to prove itself worthy of the name.

This time around though the HTC Droid Incredible battles it out against the Google Nexus One in the camera department reports an article over on engadget with the guys over on android and me pitting the Incredible 8 megapixel camera up against the Nexus 5 megapixel snapper.

One would have presumed that the Droid Incredible sporting the 8 megapixel camera there would be no contest, but apparently that is not so and the Nexus One definitely came out on top of the Droid Incredible in naturally and flash lit shots.

However both camera take good daylight images as would be expected but in natural and flash lit shots the Droid Incredible (unusual unboxing video here) lacked a bit by exhibiting a blue hue in less than perfect conditions.

So if you want to check out all the side by side snaps taken by the Droid Incredible and Nexus One so you can judge for yourselves then hit up the link above, but do come back and let us know your thoughts.

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