Mobile Phone Hoaxer Slapped with ASBO and 5 Year Ban

Some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to own technology especially when they abuse it such as this particular idiot. According to an article over on The Telegraph, last autumn 24year old Brit Barry Docherty of York was sent to prison for making silent calls to a police control room in just one hour.

The moron was also given an anti-social behaviour order when the idiot refused to stop diverting emergency workers to draw attention to himself. Furthermore the ASBO says he is not allowed to contact any of the emergency services or dial the 999 emergency number unless it is a genuine emergency.

The other punishment for the idiot who abused the phone is that he is no longer allowed to be in possession of a mobile phone or even a SIM card which could be used in a device and if he breaches said ASBO he could face prison.

Personally I think he should have gone to nic for a long time anyway, not because he used a mobile phone to carry out his idiocy but for wasting the time of the emergency services who could have well been distracted from a genuine emergency.

As for the mobile phone ban well they have to catch him with one before they can call it a breach so no doubt as long as he’s careful he’ll still get away with using one.

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