Motorola KIN One on Verizon Another Unboxing Video

The two social networking smartphones out of the Microsoft camp are hitting the mobile news today and we have a traditional unboxing of the first of the two handsets the Microsoft KIN One, for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below.

I know we posted a Microsoft KIN One unboxing video earlier which can be watched (here) but it is always good to have a couple of different opinions and styles of unboxing don’t your agree?

This time round though the Microsoft KIN One is unboxed by Noah from phone dog in his usual enjoyable manner and his Microsoft KIN One unboxing video last almost fourteen and a quarter minutes so we gain a good overall look at the device.

No I’m not going to go those all the ins and outs of the video rather I’m simply going to let you head on down and hit the play button so you can enjoy the Microsoft KIN One for yourselves; I will say though the Microsoft KIN One comes in a flashy white tube package while the Microsoft KIN Two comes in a black tube…enjoy.

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