Pantech breEZe II Heading for AT&T Old Folk

Let’s face it when you are getting on in like you really can’t be bothered with too much high tech and when it comes to a mobile phone all you really want is to be able to do the basics with some simplicity and ease, and this is where the latest mobile handset comes in from Pantech.

According to an article over on Intomobile via business wire, Pantech has now announced the Pantech breEZe II for AT&T and the handset targets the older generation and those who wish to use a super easy handset.

Just like the previous Pantech breEZe, the Pantech breEZe II breezes along with the standard “breEZe mode” and also has the addition of “Advanced mode,” with an icon rep of the handset’s full feature set along with social networking, games, music options, web and email.

The Pantech breEZe II also sports a 3G radio and external lEDs that notify the user of low battery, new messages and missed calls, and of course the originals simple linear menu and large text. The handset also features 3 programmable buttons named EZ One Touch Quick Call Keys.

Price wise the Big Blue will be offering the Pantech breEZe II on a 2 year agreement for the princely sum of $19.99 after a $50 mail in rebate.


2 thoughts on “Pantech breEZe II Heading for AT&T Old Folk”

  1. sam says:

    Ok — I made the mistake of getting the Breeze II because the sales guy said there was software for PC to phone synchronizing and it had a camera. First, don't trust AT&T sales guys and secondly, don't trust the phone's manual that says there's software available. There isn't.

    Pantech USA support techs said there's isn't software for the phone and not to expect it.


  2. ruthpenafiel says:

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