iPhone 4G and OS 4 Release Date: Your views if not released?

We have covered quite a lot about Apple iPhone 4G and OS 4 (4.0) and its release dates, features, specifications and so much more, what we have not covered is the thought of none of them being released this year.

Ok so what do we know so far: Well let’s start with the iPhone 4G, this new smartphone is expected to launch at WWDC 2010 but the question is “Will it?” There could possibly be a delay on the launch of this handset due to a court ruling, which you can read about here.

The iPhone 4G has had a complete makeover and looks totally different to the current 3GS model, the specifications and features are much better and thanks to Gizmodo’s outtake on the iPhone 4G prototype they got their hands on they have revealed the new features. There will be a front-facing video chat camera, the main camera will be boosted to 5-megapixel with flash, it will come with micro-SIM, better display at 960×640 even though the screen is a little smaller, there will also be a secondary microphone for noise cancellation and Split buttons for volume.

The whole design has changed as well with the rounded edges gone in favour of the more squared look; the battery is 16% larger battery but of course will be a little heavier.

iPhone OS 4 (4.0) is now at Beta 3 stage and looks promising, this surely means it will be ready in time for June 7 launch or at least anytime between the WWDC 2010 dates of 7th to 11th June. Beta 3 has revealed file sharing and multitasking closing applications; of course we will bring you more news on this.

Now we mentioned yesterday that they may release the iPhone 4G / HD without the new operating system and we asked you if you would buy the new Apple device without the iPhone OS 4, something worth thinking about.

Surely the new iPhone is getting near to launch considering component makers are now receiving orders, we have more information on the orders here about the companies supplying the components. Obviously we will bring you more news on this as soon as we hear more.

The bottom line here as we all know about the new iPhone 4G / HD whatever it will be called, what we do not know is if it will indeed be launched at WWDC 2010 starting June 7, we do not even know if the prototype that Gizmodo had is the final design and we do not have any hard concrete evidence of the name, Apple tends to change things at the last moment.

If they do not release the new Apple iPhone in June will you be disappointed, or do you think it will be worth the wait, will you be annoyed if they release the iPhone but without the new OS 4. We will keep you informed of anything new covering the iPhone 4G and its new operating system.

We would love for you to choose one of the following answers below on our poll system, and please do comment in the area provided as your thoughts are important to us and of course other readers.

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 4G and OS 4 Release Date: Your views if not released?”

  1. Greg says:

    I dnt care at all if the OS doesnt come with it i just want it for verizon. im really starting to loathe my Samsung Convoy! its so slow!! but i wasnt will to get a data plan on an lg flip phone b/c i would use it so im waiting for the iphone

  2. ED says:

    First, I would love for Verizon to come out with the new iPhone 4G with the new OS. But if not and AT&T comes out with the new iPhone with the 4G, I will switch from Verizon to AT&T for the new iphone. I am currently a Verizon account holder with the Storm BlackBerry and have been with verizon for the past 4 years. My daughter has had AT&T during those 4 years. She had recently owned the original iPhone and recently she upgraded to the new iPhone 3Gs and she loves it. In our area, she has not suffered any dropped calls. (USA, east coast area).

    1. Dave says:

      "…AT&T comes out with the new iPhone with the 4G". Ed, I'm guessing this is a typo. You realize that the new iPhone is preliminarily being called '4G' meaning it is the 4th generation iPhone. Neither the new iPhone nor the GSM AT&T network will have 4G technology.

  3. Lon says:

    Since Apple seems inclined to put a small LCD screen on this iPhone instead of a larger Super AMOLED screen they can keep the damned thing!

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