iPhone Carrier AT&T Still Last in Customer Service Says Survey

The latest consumer survey conducted by ChangeWave Research places iPhone carrier AT&T last of the four top mobile phone carriers in the United States for percentage of dropped calls and customer satisfaction reports an article over on arstechnica.

The result probably isn’t that surprising considering the amount of complaints AT&T has seen in the past over iPhone dropped calls, but the new survey shows that under a quarter of the Big Blue’s customers are “very satisfied” with service while almost half of Verizon customers are very satisfied.

When you look at the unsatisfied figures they show that almost a quarter of AT&T customers are unsatisfied whereas only 6 percent of Verizon customers are unsatisfied with service.

On the dropped calls side of things, although AT&T has continued efforts to sort the issues and improve their network, customers continue to report the highest incidences of dropped calls with AT&T having a rate of 4.5% which is 3x the rate reported by customers with the Big Red, and higher than the average reported by users of all carriers of 2.8%.

On the up side for AT&T though according to the survey only 8% of AT&T customers were considering switching carrier as opposed to 7% of Verizon customers.

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