iPhone Parody Commercial Gets Ellen DeGeneres Into trouble with Apple

This could well be proof that when it comes to the iPhone, Apple takes thing way too seriously as on Monday the 3rd of May; Ellen DeGeneres ran a fake iPhone parody commercial fumbling about with the iconic iPhone, hitting the wrong icons and such.

Well apparently although some found the iPhone parody funny Apple didn’t and as a result the following video was produced as way of an apology to Apple but you do also get a replay of the fake commercial so you can see if you agree with Apple’s stance that DeGeneres made it look like the iPhone was hard to use.

In the just over two minute video which can be viewed below courtesy of technobuffalo, DeGeneres goes on to say that she loves her iPhone, her iPad and her iPod and even iHop if Apple has anything to do with that.

It just goes to show that when it comes to anything Apple, Apple doesn’t have a sense of humour and has probably done more damage to their brand by asking for an apology than DeGeneres’ fake iPhone commercial.

Anyway hit up the video below and see what you think, do you believe Apple was right asking for an apology?


2 thoughts on “iPhone Parody Commercial Gets Ellen DeGeneres Into trouble with Apple”

  1. Steve T. says:

    This can not possibly be for REAL. Since when does a comedy parody, which was funny enough to re-run with great audience reaction) rate an APOLOGY? No where are we told what exactly Apple said or DID to generate the apology. I am thinking the 'apology' was obviously a second parody i.e. re-running the ad and the apology 'bit' that Ellen delivered. Seems the "I got in trouble…." was a ruse against her audience to permit the follow-up piece. After all, Ellen KNEW Apple would not 'like' its iphone being the subject of a parod. So far as we are told Apple did not do a single thing about it nor could it since comedy, including parody, is still quite legal these days. BTY Ellen never utters a negative word about the iPhone in her bit. She ends by asking for 'help.' Anyone heard of iCARE?

  2. Seriously?! says:

    HELL NO was Apple right to ask for an apology!! An apology for what?!?! I saw that parody as poking fun of Ellen herself more than anything. Apple needs to get a sense of humor or take a deep breath or something if that parody bothered them. What a bunch of insecure bullying babies, I swear.

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