Apple WWDC 2010 Sold Out: iPhone 4G and OS 4

Apple WWDC 2010 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) has now officially sold out in only a mere 8 days, not that was quick.

The WWDC 2010 that is being held in San Francisco June 7-11 is going to be the best one by far if they mention the iPhone 4G and OS 4 (4.0), hopefully they do and many that are attending are hoping that Apple do.

The event that runs for 5 days will include 1,000 Apple engineers, 5,000 of your peers and Advanced content for advanced developers according to the official WWDC 2010 site via Apple.

When it comes to the new iPhone 4G / HD and the new operating system we want hard official release dates, will they give us details over these 5 days, who knows. We have already reported that the new iPhone 4G could be launched and then released without the new iPhone OS 4; as usual this is all speculation.

We have heard that the new iPhone will record videos in HD and we have asked you if the device and new software does not release this year what will your views be. We are also wonder if Verizon will release the iPhone this year as well, we have mentioned today that it will not release until 2011, which you can read about here.

There is so much to cover on the above and we will keep you updated, be patient is our motto as all good things comes to those that wait.

Source – TiPb

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