Google Nexus One Customer Refunds Due to Sales Tax Issue

Have you purchased the Google Nexus One recently? If you bought the Nexus One upon launch you will be happy to know that partial refunds are on its way to customers soon.

We found this news via i4U about and email they was sent about being charged too much money on the tax of their Nexus One, so Google is giving them a refund. But it does seem that they are not the only ones as others including Android Central and even Android Spin has received the same email.

Google will be sending you an email and once you receive it you will have to let them know what card you want them to refund on, this is simple because all you need to do is login to your Google Checkout account and choosing to view the order, do not worry if the card you ordered your Nexus One with is invalid because you can pick another card for the refund.

This is great that Google is honest and quick at letting you know, but then again you would notify customers if it was a tax issue, but then Google could have found this out themselves and wish to keep customer satisfaction by being honest.

Please do let us know if you have received an email about this refund, we would love to know how many emails was sent out.


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