Microsoft KIN One and Two Reviews: Submit Yours Now!

You can now buy the Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two via Verizon Wireless for $49.99 and $99.99, well we would love to know if you have bought one yet and if so what one and why.

What model did you buy and if so have you received it yet, what are your out of the box first impressions, how does the phone feel in your hands, is the software and hardware good or bad, basically we want you to reveal all.

We want to read your personal reviews on either KIN One or KIN Two being it good or bad, are these social networking phones all what they seem or is it all just hype.

If you have the Microsoft KIN One or KIN Two please go to the comments area below and send us your personal reviews and opinions, we cannot wait to read them and of course other readers will know if they should buy these handsets or not.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft KIN One and Two Reviews: Submit Yours Now!”

  1. Kim says:

    i like my kin two. it works great so far. Still getting used to a few things, but overall am happy. Kinda silly there is no backup assistant though. Ringtones could be better. I wish they just had a simple beep for a text message instead of a tune. It is the nicest feature phone you can get though!!!!!! Nice camera with a flash, but sometimes after you take a pix, the screen will hold the pix there and give you the option to retake, and then sometimes the pix just disappears fast and you have to go back to pictures to get it.

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