Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 Update Reviews and Problems

We have visited Nokia Beta Labs and we came across an article written by Anni Goman, Ovi Contacts. The Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 has recently been updated.

The update will now give you new features and improvements thanks to a few tweaks; Ovi Contacts 1.5 client update now gives you a graphics facelift and performance improvements and well as a few other things.

This new release is now ready and available to download for Nokia S60 5th Edition and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 products, please check out the latest version here.

If you have downloaded this update already please do visit our comments area below and give us your reviews, has it worked for you, has the improvements worked well for you, let us know if you have had any problems with this update. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 Update Reviews and Problems”

  1. Tony says:

    The new OVI contacts is horrible. It will very likely lead me to purchase a Nexus One for use with T-Mobile instead of the N900 as my next phone. In an incredible blunder – they allowed someone to remove fields from the contacts. Most notably they removed the company field. I had a majority of my contacts as a company – e.g. GEICO Auto Insurance – not as a person. When they switched to the new OVI contacts style – ALL of the contacts I had with just a company and no first/last name were DELETED from the database. They are still in my phone – BUT WON"T UPLOAD ANYMORE since the database rejects the ones with just a company.

    In addition – the new interface IS MUCH WORSE. Of the fields that the OVI contacts deemed worthy of retaining – many are not displayed by default. You have to go through the extra step of getting them to display. The old interface had tabs for home, business and notes/groups. The new one doesn't.

    This new OVI contacts version from my perspective was a terrible blunder. I was looking forward to using the website to transfer contacts from my 5800 ExpressMusic to a N900. Now I will likely buy a Nexus one and download my contacts information from gmail – where I already have many of the ones that were deleted from OVI contacts.

    So not only did the change make me unhappy as a Nokia customer, it likely lost me as a customer. Two thumbs down, Nokia, on your redesign of OVI contacts.

  2. Tony says:

    To update my previous post, OVI contacts now has a field – organization – that replaces the previous company field. All my old contacts are there, the only thing missing is for organization to be added to the index they have [all contacts A B C D E F …. Z], so that "Fast Pizza" shows up under F, rather than just under "all contacts".

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