HTC HD2 Upgrading is Somewhat Problematic Says T-Mobile Users

Apparently some T-Mobile customers who want to upgrade to the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 smartphone are experiencing some problems with doing so even though the HTC HD2 is apparently in stock and available on the T-Mobile online store and retail locations reports softpedia.

Apparently their info sourced over at engadget, has T-Mobile saying the initial problems with HTC HD2 inventory has continued and this is the main reason users have found it difficult to find the HTC HD2 available to buy. Basically T-Mobile says as they get new stock they give priority to existing customers but demand for the HTC HD2 is exceeding their supply.

However, apparently there have been rumours that T-Mobile is actually prioritising stock of the HTC HD2 for new customers and that this is the main reason existing customers are having problems upgrading which wouldn’t be the first time T-Mobile has taken that particular route.

So are you an existing T-Mobile customer and experiencing difficulties in upgrading to the HTC HD2 smartphone? If so let us know what T-Mobile has been telling you and if they are helpful or not by dropping us your comment in the area below.


4 thoughts on “HTC HD2 Upgrading is Somewhat Problematic Says T-Mobile Users”

  1. Morgan3rd says:

    I think I'll wait for a similar chassis, but with andriod. This phone is outright sexy, but I'd prefer it to be… useful in a year.

  2. nikki says:

    hi. i am an existing t-mobile customer and wanted to change providers as i felt that i could get a better deal with vodafone and an ifone but was offered the htc hd2 without asking for it. they were going to post it to me that evening but i said i would collect that afternoon from my local t-mobile shop but when i got there they said it was out of stock and they couldnt get me one for a month. i foned t-mobile back and they dispatched one to me that evening…….

  3. Louis B says:

    I have been with T-mobile for a number of years now and recently received an upgrade to an HTC HD2. A few months earlier they had tried to palm me off with a Nokia 5800 saying it was the equivalent of an iPhone. When it arrived and I saw it was in fact nothing like an iPhone I sent it back and continued with my existing phone and price plan on a month-by-month basis.
    After a few months I rang up customer services to query a bill and mentioned that I was thinking about leaving them. Before you could say Smartphone I was offered the HD2 on an improved package for about £1 a month more than I was paying. I was told this deal was ONLY being offered to existing customers. I'm happy wiyh the phone and the package is pretty good value with £180 call allowance and unlimited internet.

  4. Joey says:

    I was told there's a different warehouse for new customer phones and a seperate warehouse for existing customer upgrades and the warehouse for existing customer upgrades is out of stock.

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