iPhone Fan and Laser Accessories Demo Videos

With summer approaching the temperature is set to rise but now apparently you can utilise your iPhone to keep cool in the heat with an iPhone accessory from HMB TEC which turns your iPhone into a fan by plugging in a propeller into the iPhone headphone jack.

HMB TEC also has iPhone accessories that can turn your iPhone into a flashlight, laser pointer, infrared remote, stethoscope, microphone, and heart monitor. The iPhone Fan costs €19.90 and doesn’t require an app while the iPhone laser costs €20 and an additional $5.99 for the application.

We have a video of the iPhone Fan and iPhone Laser for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Gizmodo, which give you a good idea how these couple of iPhone accessories work.

Neat ideas for add-ons for your iPhone if you are into gizmos. Anyway you can check out the two videos below, the iPhone Fan lash only 20 seconds while the iPhone Laser last just over a minute and a half, so hit the play buttons and enjoy.

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