iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date: What’s Your Predictions?

Everyone wants to know one key fact about the new iPhone OS 4.0, yes you got it “The Release Date”, no one is quite sure at the moment when this will be.

As we know Apple is very secretive indeed, its like they are making a multi-billion dollar jet fighter or something that could cause a world war or something, for crying out loud it’s just an operating system. Ok I have sounded off a little there but now I have sat back and had a little thought, ok I can understand now that they have to keep a few secrets back from the public and of course rivals but all we want is a release date.

Many Apple iPhone users and of course new customers wishing to change to Apple rely on such information, suspense is good sometimes we know that but come on Apple at least let us know if you will release with the new iPhone or not in July (Well lets hope July shall we).

Apple will announce all new products no doubt at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) from June 7th running through to the 11th, these 5 days will be very eventful and can see some amazing things being mentioned and hopefully that is the new iPhone 4G / HD and of course the new OS 4.0 release date.

We already know that the new operating system will feature multi-tasking, file sharing, new gamer centre and much more. The new iPhone 4G will feature a 5+-megapixel camera, front facing camera ready for iChat.

Let us know your iPhone OS 4.0 release date predictions, if the iPhone 4G or whatever the name will be do you think OS 4 will be ready for release with the iPhone or not?

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